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Welcome to the "Radi" website.

In Japan, a keyword of “radiation” has been included in the science curriculum of junior high school since 2008.

Radiation education after a blank interval of approximately 30 years covers the properties and applications of radiation in a part of the syllabus “Energy Resource” of the Science curriculum “Technology and Mankind”.

Continuous radiation education in schools has become more important because of the complicated situation after the accident of Fukushima Daiich Nuclear Power Plant as a part of the East Japan Great Earthquake disaster.

We, the Japan Science Foundation/Science Museum, have been actively developing and supporting several national projects of radiation education such as home delivery radiation classes, development of teaching materials, and also loaning out simplified radioactive dosimeters since 2007. In order to share our useful materials and experiences with school teachers and other interested parties, we have open our information website “Radi” to promote radiation education activity.

We would like positively to support and develop radiation education activity through our website of “Radi” in collaboration with research organizations and societies, the radiation education promotion committee, and academic experts. We believe this website could be helpful and effective for all interested parties on radiation education.

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